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Friday, August 29, 2014

Teslin To Muncho Lake To Fort Nelson

Even though the RV park at Teslin was also a truck stop we all seemed to be lulled into a deep sleep by the sounds of the trucks running all night.  We woke to a very chilly morning and something we have discovered about truck campers—it’s often the same temperature inside as it is outside—BRRR. 

Off we went, heading to Watson Lake and points beyond if our drivers held up.  IMG_1175We saw sign after warning sign, WATCH FOR BUFFALO ON ROADWAY, what???  Well there were buffalo and nothing we read told us if they were transplants or privately owned escapees—John, can you enlighten us???

In Watson Lake we stopped to visit the Sign Post Forest:


At last count in 2013 there were almost 80,000 signs.  It all started when a homesick US Army soldier Carl Lindley of Danville, IL.   In 1942, while working on the Alaska Highway he erected a sign pointing the way to his hometown.  Others followed his lead over the years—you bring your own sign and hang your own sign.  The Visitors Center provides the poles.  In 1992 Carl Lindley and his wife visited the site, 50 years after his first post was erected. 

We spent some time looking for a sign Geri’s Dad had posted many, many years ago without success then it was on down the road.  The drive from Watson Lake to Muncho Lake was spectacular—more buffalo and the other truck and camper which have been following us saw a bear cub. 

IMG_1187Whirlpool Canyon, a rest stop for us was gorgeous—that is until I decided to take a header!  While trying to take a photo for a family I tripped on a rock and fell, whacking my knee on a sharp rock—climbing up into the bed of the truck camper is a little ouchy right now.

We found a spectacular spot to spend the night—it is Labor Day weekend in Canada too and the provincial parks are filling up.  Right on the shores of Muncho Lake we set up camp and had our happy hour on the “beach!”IMG_1198IMG_1201


Lots of moose sign in the area but no moose.  After dinner we took a great walk and watched a float plane land on the lake—the video I shot was spectacular but my internet connection isn’t YouTube capable right now.

After a very restful night we left beautiful Muncho Lake and landed in Fort Nelson for the night.  We called to make sure the RV park (which we would NOT have chosen if not looking for internet connections) had wifi to the sites.  “Yes, we do, if it doesn’t rain you should be able to receive the signal at your site.”  What the owner failed to tell us until AFTER she had taken Geri’s money was, “it might not work at your site and if it does you can only have it for 15 minutes then you are kicked off, we had to do that because people were watching Netflix---yaaaaaaa.”  

So, with that said, this is the last blog I will be posting until I get home unless we stumble upon a visitors center or library with decent internet—we are headed in that direction and should be home in about a week.  I am tired of paying $40 per night to stay in crummy, dirty RV parks who advertise they have clean this or clean that—YUCK—or they advertise they have wifi and DON’T.  The next time I visit Canada, we WILL have our own internet.  If I sound grumpy, it’s because I am!  I miss my internet, period!  I seem to be able to live without a phone for a while but 2-3 days without internet and I go into withdrawal!



  1. Well I can't help you with the internet, it is likely that the only places that have Canadian cell coverage north of Ft. Nelson are Watson Lake and Whitehorse. In between those you are on the frontier and internet is only available if some fellow has a satellite connection. DogpoundNorth has pretty good coverage though.

    As for your Wood Bison they were almost decimated in the late 1800's and early 1900's but a few managed to survive. However about 6,000 Plains Bison were actually barged up to Wood Buffalo National Park in Northeastern Alberta and some of them have made there way either on foot or by truck to the area you are in and hybridized with the remaining Wood Bison so I guess like all us North Americans they are a mixture of natives and transplants.

    1. I just re-read the Bison query and need to add a supplemental answer. As you come south down the highway there is a small chance you will run into bison around the Sikanni Chief River down to Pink Mountain. Those buffalo were once privately owned and turned loose, eventually the government took over managing that population, but it took a few court battles and many years.

      Keep in mind that most of the major rivers you will cross from the Liard south Dad canoed back in the 40's doing geological surveys.

  2. It seems RV Parks, here in Canada and the USA overstate their WiFi service. We always buy our own portable internet service following so many overstated services. I concur too that far too many RV parks overstate their facilities. We've booked into so called clean and organized parks that are far from what is stated on their WEB site.

    Wishing a great return trip.

  3. Hope you run into Mukluk Annie's, and Mukluk Chuck.

  4. To bad about the spill..... Hope you feel better sooooooooooon !!!!! Keep on truckin

  5. I, too, am missing internet!! I really miss my phone data. I use the data for everything. Something comes up and I can find out what it is. I can't check the radar for weather, either. We have about a month left. Somehow we will survive!!

  6. Sorry about your knee, good thing you are a nurse and know how to take care of it. If you come across a Boston Pizza, they are like Chili's and they also make an incredible pizza. Safe travels.

  7. Sure is some beautiful scenery way up there and you found a great spot to camp out at. I'd be lost without an Internet connection too!

  8. You guys will be looking forward to those big bright Montana skies & getting back into the Blogger loop:))

  9. Sorry about you knee, hope it feels better soon. I agree about Boston Pizza, great food but very high priced, I normally get 2 meals out of their entrees. They also have great internet, just ask for the password. Safe travels.

  10. Hope your knee ouchy didn't last long. Love the photo of the water at the rest area - beautiful but looks very cold!! I think those cruise ships are following you guys :-(

  11. Gorgeous trip up into the beautiful north.

  12. I would say you found a spectacular site. How can you beat that?


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