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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Down To Just Two

IMG_1878Our folly, the older Foretravel motorhome went down the driveway with its happy new owners this afternoon and we breathed a huge sigh of relief.  We didn’t lose any money on the deal so life is good!  Now we are back to having just two RVs—the truck camper and our beloved Country Coach motorhome. 

Geri and Larry left this morning taking a meandering route towards Great Falls where we will meet up again.  They’ve never been to that part of Montana and wanted to do some sightseeing leaving us to finish up some last minute chores—Larry and Geri are easy guests!!

Michael has been busy outfitting the truck camper with items such as an inverter, we are both struggling with the limited storage space but are coping.  We are almost ready I think! 

I will leave you with some more photos from our Blue Lake trip.




IMG_3387We were WAY up there behind that peak marked by the red arrow—hard to believe we gained that much in elevation!


  1. How much time have you carved out for your trip to Alaska?

  2. All's well that ends well.....Glad the Foretravel won't be waiting for you to deal with when you get back home. More great pics of your play day. I know distance can be deceptive but that peak looks crazy far and high - no wonder you found deep snow in the shade :-).

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