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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Grizzlies, Glaciers and A Whole Lot Of Fun

Yep, we are having a whole dang lot of fun to say the least!  Any one who has hung out with Larry has to be a good sport—the man is a perpetual jokester!  If he isn’t on the two way radios giving me grief, we are stopped at a rest area and he’s telling me how it is!!  Smile

Wednesday we traveled to Alaska so to speak—a little tiny chunk of Alaska hangs down the state and rubs shoulders with Stewart, British Columbia.  There is no border crossing guard to come from Canada into Alaska but the Canadian guards on their side of the border take their job very, very seriously!! Smile

IMG_0307 We made this little out of the way jaunt for a reason—to see glaciers and grizzlies—we were successful on both fronts!!

IMG_0206Afternoon light

IMG_0314Early morning light.

Now for the most exciting part—the USFS maintains a viewing platform over Fish Creek near Hyder, Alaska.  Several years ago Michael and I traveled to Hyder specifically to see the bears eating the spawning salmon in the creek—didn’t see one bear!!!!!  We really wanted to try again and our traveling partners were game—we hit the jackpot—only one bear but he stuck around for a long, long time entertaining the boardwalk full of visitors.  People were very polite stepping away from the edge once they had taken their photos allowing others to get closer.  It’s a little disconcerting to be on a boardwalk above the creek only 15 feet from an 800 pound grizzly bear!!!  There are rangers patrolling up and down the boardwalk constantly but still—!!!!!



We were all up early this morning, driving back out to the viewing area trying to spot more bears without success.  The ranger told us this is the biggest grizzly visitor they have, and they have about seven other grizzlies visitors and a host of black bears.  We were just tickled pink to have caught this big guy on video.  UPDATE:  YouTube is not being cooperative tonight so I will post this blog with just still photos and will do the video later when I have faster internet.

We worked up an appetite watching for bears and decided to have breakfast in Hyder before crossing the border into Canada and continuing our jaunt toward Prince Rupert.

IMG_0213Last nights dinner spot, The Bus—this young woman whose husband is a commercial fisherman manages to dish up the best fresh fish—all cooked in this old bus—it was delicious.


Tomorrow on to Prince Rupert where we will spend the night and then board the ferry to Ketchikan, Alaska on Saturday.


  1. Oh Wow! What a fantastic blog! Thanks for sharing

  2. "The Bus" is a great eating spot. I see she still has her fly deterring ziplock bags hanging around also.

    My friends up there told me that there didn't use to be any stopping at the border until some enterprising folks took it upon themselves to import containers full of cigarettes into Hyder and then transship them all over Canada, and you know how the government hates competition when it comes to taxes. Always someone ruining a good thing.

  3. That's about as close to a Grizzly as I'd ever want to get. Great pictures!

  4. The pic of you three in front of the glacier is wonderful - you look to be directly in its "path"! That bear is magnificent and I'm glad there were rangers there to keep he and the humans a safe distance apart. Of course the fact that the fishing was successful was a big help I'm sure :-). Two off your list and you haven't even "officially" gotten to Alaska yet - good sign of things to come!!

  5. Like that photo of you guys in front of the glacier.

  6. Great pictures. Looks as if it is a great start to the adventure. Looking forward to the ferry information and experiences.

  7. Terrific photos !!! Everybody looking goooooood !!! So great you saw what you were looking for.....fresh fish sounded great !!!

  8. I really need to go there to see the bears fishing. How neat!!! Glad this trip was a success:)


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