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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Fort MacLeod, A Quilt Show and Calgary

After a very quiet, restful night we all headed over to Fort MacLeod for a tour and musical horse performance.  Imagine my surprise and delight when we also discovered there was a quilt show in progress!!! 

Fort MacLeod was the first location of the newly established North-West Mounted Police, formed in May, 1873.  The fort was originally called Fort Whoop-Up by the original residents who were of all things making whiskey!  It was interesting to see all the artifacts and building replicas.  But having a quilt show on location was kind of special too. 




IMG_0092Oh, lordy, what in the world is Larry up to???  Seems this quilt was upside down, Larry was occupying a nearby bench when the ladies were discussing the upside down quilt and volunteered to rehang it for them—such a gentleman!—except when he said over the two way radios nobody in my truck would fit through the sliding window into the camper!!!  Smile

IMG_0063IMG_0065We also watched these young people perform various patterns set to music—probably 4 of the eight horseback riders were women and one of them was only 14 years old—very well done!

On to Calgary—big mistake John and Brenda—boy did we ever get ourselves into a pickle trying to get through Calgary!!  Finally we were on TransCanada Hwy 1 and heading through Banff—traffic was so heavy we were thinking there couldn’t be anyone left in Alberta, they were all in Banff!!  .  At one point we were so close to where John and Brenda live and were so sick of traffic we almost headed on over to their house but we persevered and kept going--we plan on stopping back by their house on the way home to Montana. 

Tonight we are tucked into a campground in Golden, BC—not the nicest place any of us have ever stayed but it will do for tonight.  Tomorrow night we are staying with friends of Geri and Larry in Salmon Arms.  I dug out the grill, used the cast iron skillet and cooked bacon so we could all have bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwiches for supper, YUM. 


I’m missing Ms. Lora Elizabeth, wonder how she is doing???


  1. I was thinking you would be missing that pretty baby girl !!! Keep hav'in' FUN !!!!

  2. I think they should have kept the name of the fort Whoop-up. Much more interesting. You're making progress going north and taking some wonderful pictures. Love the barn.

  3. And Michael believed the quilt show was a "surprise"? Good one Janna! Larry is a brave man since he'll be out in the wilderness with those in your truck and the body might never be found :-).

    Hope the crowds are all behind you now. Safe travels

  4. Welcome to Canada. Nice photos with the Mounties at Ft. MacLeod.


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