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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

We Are Not Very Nice To Our Guests

Rollie fixes the septic system when he visits, Larry and Geri get roped into helping fix up and clean the new truck camper—we aren’t treating our guests very well are we???


But we have taken time out for fun—Sunday afternoon we took an ATV ride to Moccasin Lake and today we took a ride up Elk Creek.  Geri and I made a run to Livingston yesterday—my drivers license expires in September—I won’t be here so it was essential I get the license renewed.  The drivers license dude only comes to Big Timber on two Wednesdays’ per month and I missed both of those, so it was off to Livingston where there was not another soul in the office but me—sweet!!!

Geri and I gave that truck camper a very good cleaning today—and now I am off to load some stuff—we have another adventure coming up while awaiting the arrival of our great-grandchild. 


IMG_1860Geri in the phone booth up in our hay pasture—Emmi thought she was some big, bad monster!!




  1. You must be smooth talkers to get a guest under the black water tank:)

  2. Now come on, I am sure your guests have lots of benefits day in and day out ....needless to say, they keep on comIng back for more ..... And getting ready for the big departure is the goal will be great fun....looking forward to hearing all about it ....KEEP 'EM WORKING !!!!!

  3. Hi Geri and Larry! Great adventures among great friends!

  4. I'm sure they'd rather help with prevention now then help with cure in Alaska :-). Looks like a pretty good mix of fun is included with all that work......such beautiful country up there. An empty DMV would signal the apocalypse in CA :-)))).

  5. Love Emmi's ears. Jim is happy when somebody (besides me) has a project they need help with.

  6. Nothing better than house guests willing to take on some much needed tasks. Sounds like there was plenty of fun going on too.


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