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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Things Are A Little Scary Around Here

My Dad and I would often discuss how the old timers coped without all the weather forecasts, Gortex boots and clothing, heated seats, and most of all equipment to move snow.  Today, I am very happy we own a heated backhoe with chains on the tires so Michael could plow ALL this snow we got—12 inches total.  Our all time high temp today was 9 degrees above—as I type this blog it is 3 above.  And the scary thing is this kind of weather could continue for another two weeks!!!

Michael plowed and plowed—plowed to the wood stack, plowed down to the road.  The horses were mighty happy he filled their feeders with hay yesterday!

IMG_9423I made it to yoga in Michael’s old 1995 diesel and made it back up the driveway without chains!!   The log truck driver wasn’t so lucky—just above our driveway a loaded log truck was coming down the road and met two other trucks going up the road—the log truck got too far over, slipped into the ditch and overturned the entire truck—that was one scary sight!!!

After making us lunch I turned Gertrude loose, did a little house cleaning and headed to the quilt studio to work on Christmas presents—the gifts are going to be adorable I might add! 

We’ve taken two walks today in the frigid temps—Emmi wears her coat with socks attached and is just the cutest thing.  She doesn’t mind the socks at all—just trots along as usual.  It was sure easier walking this afternoon after Michael had plowed the road!!




  1. Uff-da! How do the horses survive those temperatures?

  2. Brenda is heading back north, just to make sure she closed the door tightly.

  3. Your photos are beautiful! Guess they show that even hard times and adverse conditions have their own beauty.

  4. Picture post card photos. Even here , in southern AZ, there is a cooling of fun th days ahead.

  5. Your place is truly a winter wonderland!!

  6. love the winter pics of your place....true christmas card stuff. Had a smile on my face when you mentioned the cold. I'm a canadian living in edmonton alberta. Today was a great day, it was -18C...turn that into farenheight and it becomes -6F...we've had snow since the beginning of november, but the good thing is...the rest of the week will be...colder...dropping to -26C...oh well...some people dream of a white xmas...i dream of a green xmas :) again...enjoy your posts, leep up the good work!!

  7. The weather man said it was going to be postcard beautiful. But those temps - below zero with such a horrible wind chill. That is more like our winters were when I was a lot younger. Snow and cold. 1964 was a really bad year.

  8. What beautiful pictures....but I wouldn't want to be there.

  9. Oh bit your snow is do beautiful !

    We flew to Florida yesterday for a week. Daughter turned 30 yesterday, grandson turns 1 on Saturday.

    Back home in Missouri we are to get our first snow tomorrow. 1-3 inches is predicted.

    Keep warm!

  10. Great snow pics but I do feel sorry for those horses being outside - yikes!

    1. When I first became a cowboy's wife I worried about our horses convincing Michael to build a shelter for them. Most of the time in inclement weather the horses are standing outside the shelter--they use it mainly to get away from the flies in the summer.

  11. Well, I guess the horses are adapted to such weather, but I doubt I would so easily.

  12. Howdy Janna, Mike & Ms Emmi,
    Y'ALL ARE CRAZY, ARKIE !!! Going walking in 6* weather with poor Ms Emmi, even if she does look cute in her coat & boots, SHE DOES !!! I'm glad Mike has a snow removal attachment and can 'plow' lanes through the 12" of snow !!!
    Did they get the loggin'-truck back on the road or leave it until spring and then haul it out; was the driver hurt?? That sounds like some of the roads in Arkansas, I used to haul lumber on !!!

    Hope the electric doesn't go out, on y'all !!! We're ALL ELECTRIC, with freezing rain coming our way !!! All of the way down into the TEENS, pantywaists !!!

    Keep 'the cowboy' & Ms Emmi warm, with your gooood cookin'....


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