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Friday, December 13, 2013

Tin Tee Pee Is Gone and Snowballs


The snow hanging over our roof line has produced the most beautiful/graceful icicles. 

Remember our accident with the Tin Tee Pee when the tire and rim came completely off as we were delivering it to a buyer.  The same buyer has been in contact with us throughout the whole repair process and came today to view the totally repaired little Avion trailer.  A deal was made with us delivering the Tin Tee Pee to their home over near Livingston.  The roads were mostly clear but the wind was a bugger—we didn’t get very good mileage going over to say the least.  The little trailer has a new, happy home!

Because we were in Livingston and had not eaten lunch we had a late lunch/early dinner at the Rib and Chop House—3pm is a good time to eat there, much quieter than in the evening!  I had salmon and Michael had his usual—fried shrimp.

We made it back to Big Timber in time to license our new cargo trailer and get some keys made.  We stopped at the home of the people who were first on the scene of our little accident the other night, providing us with a warm vehicle while we waited for the sheriff—I had baked them cookies and also gave them one of those delicious fruitcakes.  We then dodged the deer and elk arriving home without incident—lately that’s a good thing for us especially with it being Friday the 13th!!

Here’s a video I took of Ms. Emmi chasing snowballs today while on our walk.


  1. Our dog Lily loves the snow and we play catch with her. She will catch them in her mouth as we toss them to her. They sure are little characters! Will you keep you blog name now that the little Tin Tee Pee is gone? Lol. Becki

  2. Kind of sad to think of the Tin Tee Pee being gone. Love that Emmi - she is such a cutie.

  3. Even though they make me feel cold, those icicle pictures are lovely.

  4. Great video of Emmi with the snowballs - I love 'kind of crazy pups'.

  5. Well done to say Thank You to your "rescuers" with home baked goodies.

  6. How thoughtful of you to bring goodies to those who were so kind to you when you had the accident. Miss Emmi is a snow eating machine. Keep it up Emmi!!!

  7. At least Miss Emmi won't be thirstywhen she gets home!!! Haha!!


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