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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Weather Is A Changing

JSMWell, there it is, Jack St. Milo—sitting out in the Gulf—I don’t really think I would like living on that thing for two weeks at a time, would you??  Rollie called last night and I asked him, “have you caught any fish??”  There was the longest pause and then he said, “NO—it’s too dang far to the water!!”  Smile

Wind again today but not as bad as yesterday and 54 degrees at lunch time.  Mild enough for Michael to finish his roofing job on the shed he built this summer and fall.  Mild enough, we have acres of mud and more mud from all the melting snow.  But the winds are a changing—tomorrow night snow, Thursday snow and temps down into the single digits again.  Nat has always said we should leave in a snowstorm—makes you appreciate leaving more! Winking smile

I loaded and finished a small customer quilt this afternoon—the owner of this quilt is in Australia with her husband visiting their daughter, son-in-law, grandson and brand new granddaughter.  Donna and Gary have a house over there and spend several months each winter in Australia where it is summer. 

And that’s about it for our Tuesday on the Boulder.


  1. I have spent a fair amount of time on those rigs and I definitely prefer a sailboat:)

  2. Nat's quite the philosopher!! Does make sense though!!!! Praying for good weather as we all migrate southwest!!!

  3. Two weeks? I'm not sure I could make it two days on that rig. And if Jim couldn't fish I know he wouldn't like it. Hope you're able to get down off your mountain.

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  5. The seas looked pretty rough out where that rig is located, I'm not sure I'd be too comfy way out there.

    Hope you get good travel weather when you decide to leave - no mud, no wind and no snowstorm - sorry, Nat.


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