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Monday, December 9, 2013

Cooking And Puttering

I spent the day in the kitchen again making goodies for my Arkansas package.  I ran out of eggs and had to run down to Shirley’s—we do that in this little neighborhood—if one person doesn’t have what you need the other one will.  Gertrude and I did a little house cleaning too while all the cooking was going on.

We are really experiencing a heat wave—it was 20 degrees this afternoon—of course we had some wind with that temperature rise.  Michael spent the day getting the Ford one ton dually ready for travel.

Our walks were much more pleasant with the warmer temperatures, Emmi even went without socks this afternoon. 

Where has the month of December gone—Christmas is two weeks from Wednesday!!!  I just ordered my Christmas cards from Costco—at the pace the mail is traveling due to volume and weather, our friends and family may get those cards for New Years!!  At least most of my Christmas shopping is done, I only need a couple more things. 


Life is good. 


  1. Its amazing how fast time is flying. I'm on target with my tasks!!

  2. I didn't know people actually still sent Christmas Cards in the mail. Glad to see the weather is at least a little warmer.


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