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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Broken Record

At 58 years of age I had my first car accident today—yep, I reached the age of 58 without a fender bender of any sort, not even a slide off into the ditch.  After yoga, trying to get the jeep out of a snowdrift, I backed into our instructor Julia’s car, breaking one of our tow tail lights and putting a crease in her driver side front fender.  So much for a perfect driving record!!  And the kicker—Julia had just gotten her car out of the body shop getting repaired all the hail damage it sustained this summer. 

IMG_9453OK, excitement over, back to the weather!  This was our early morning temp and we never got above 2 degrees all day.  It was sunny, making for a beautiful winter scene.  After lunch Emmi and I took a nice long walk and it was not too bad out there with the sun shining—of course I did have on yoga pants, flannel lined jeans, long sleeve shirt, hooded sweatshirt, heavy coat, hat and gloves! Smile

Michael spent the day replacing the right front axle u-joints on his 1995 diesel pickup—the garage has a woodstove and he stayed comfortable.  Because the garage is heated at times, the snow melts off the vehicles—yesterday Michael discovered the garage doors were frozen down!  Today he used a heat gun to melt the ice enough for me to get the jeep out—miserable weather!!

We had package deliveries from both the UPS and FedEx today—Bill (our UPS guy) was his usual cheerful self.  The FedEx man arrived a little after 6pm tonight—when I said, “you are out kind of late,” he said, “tis the season,” with a smile. 





  1. Awesome, in more ways than one. Amazing that you can still have a "normal" day under such conditions. Sorry 'bout the fender bender. but you had a good excuse.

  2. Too bad about the fender bender. No human was hurt; other than pride. Yours is still a very good driving record.

    Pretty photos .

  3. So sorry about the fender bender. I'm sure you aren't alone. Those are good delivery guys who can still be cheerful in this weather and the hours they're putting in.

  4. nice snow photos!! sorry to hear your perfect driving record is no more!

  5. Oops... we all hate it when that happens...... The worse of it is that you are friends with the person that got the crease.... Oh, well laugh it off and move on... Its a small deal in the big world of events......

  6. Well, that fender bender certainly sucks. Once upon a time when I was young and in a hurry I came in contact with another moving vehicle (and it was minor) but I've managed to avoid that situation ever since.
    Now, parking garages? That's a different story. My wife had a couple scrapes at her work, (this was when we were in Austria) which we got fixed up during one of the two week periods when we came home for a visit. Then it was my turn. Just a fraction of an inch too close to a pillar. Man, I was disappointed! You could barely see the scrape, but I *knew* it was there. Seems the stationary objects are the challenge.
    At least you weren't hurt. Only your pride.

  7. Records are broken, car broken, but you are ok, just ticked at your self. I know how that goes. Beautiful photos, thanks for freezing to get them!!!

  8. Heck, I put the first dent in my Dad's car about 58 days after I got my driver's licence at 16. That took all the pressure of a perfect record off I guess.

    Beautiful snow pics but it sure does look cold. I admire Michael for actually going out to work in that weather. I"d be huddled around the hot stove with a cup of coffee and a book.

  9. LOVE the snow pictures . . . doesn't it just make you want to stay insode and quilt!!??!!

  10. I'll agree it is cold, but the pictures are beautiful.

  11. the picture of the road, covered in snow...i think it would make an amazing seasonal have winter, i would love to see the same shot in the spring, summer and amazing place you live in...


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