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Sunday, December 29, 2013

It’s Warm So To Speak

Fifty four degrees when we landed at Sand Hollow State Park outside St. George, UT after driving about 450 miles.  Let me tell you, after the cold morning we experienced, 54 degrees felt balmy!!  When Michael got up (way too early I might add), it was 47 degrees in our motorhome even with TWO electric heaters running all night.  Our other heating system is our Webasto hydro-hot which runs off diesel, is powered by a pump which sounds like a jet engine taking off and by some strange reason is located right underneath our bed—leaving that system on at night isn’t conducive to sleep!  We do have a Pro-Cam blue flame heater installed but for some reason, it isn’t working—the cowboy will get it going when we get settled in one spot for a while.  It was 22 degrees in Pocatello but somewhere just north of Salt Lake City the temperature dropped to 7 degrees!  As in most motorhomes, the dash climate controls don’t work so well, thus keeping our windshield clear was a little tough!  So, 54 degrees is balmy! 

This is a beautiful state park surrounded by the red rock cliffs for which this area is famous—the sites are HUGE—we fit—and come with full hookups for $27 per night.  After getting settled we took Ms. Emmi for a long walk and she discovered this little fella—I love how the sunshine made his ears look translucent.


We went through Salt Lake City on a Sunday morning and had the lightest traffic we’ve ever experienced—let that be a reminder to us!!  I remember driving through Salt Lake City one year in a nasty snowstorm—I was driving for some strange reason and we were in the Beaver motorhome—cars were sliding off the road in front of me, people were driving crazy and the traffic was horrendous—today was much, much better!

Tomorrow we head to Pahrump, NV where we hope to stay put for a couple weeks at the Escapees park, maybe do some ATV riding and some sightseeing. 

Life is good.

IMG_9655The campground, not real crowded.  Smile

IMG_9657The lake. 


  1. Well heck.. everyone was at church... no traffic then ;-) Truth is, I love SLC.... we've spent quite a bit of time there as Bill is an avid genealogist. But for me... I'll take that remote life in St George any day... Great shot of the bunny!

  2. With 450 miles, it seems Mike is back in stride!

  3. Beautiful spot ..... The bunny liked the camera !!! Hope the next leg of the trip is smooth as silk and then it will be time for some R&R, that will be fun !!!!

  4. That was a full day's drive for sure. You never mentioned anything about a propane furnace in your MH, is that correct? I always thought all RV's had one of those but I guess that's what your diesel heater is?

  5. Those are cool temperatures to wake up to - indoors or outdoors. Hopefully, Pahrump will offer you some far better weather than when we were there in late November. Great area there and I'm sure those quads will get to test out the terrain.


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