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Sunday, December 15, 2013

A Very Good Sunday

The Chinook winds are blowing—when we came out of the church in Big Timber, the wind felt warm, the snow is melting.  Nancy, Shirley and I went to the Christmas Concert tonight at the Lutheran Church—awesome music performed by the most talented people in our area to benefit two local charities, the Food Bank and the Ministerial Association.  A gifted pianist/singer moved to our community several years ago—Tom teaches piano lessons and his pupils stole the show tonight, one young man played the song Music Box Dancer—not an easy piece of music!!  It is amazing to me the talent our community has—the man who owns the local concrete business sings beautiful bass, my quilting buddy Mary’s son Boe has a spectacular tenor voice, the young, talented pianists, my massage therapist has a voice which will knock your socks off—she and Tom, the pianist put the show together every year and it is not to be missed—incredible talent!!

Nat made it up the Boulder to have lunch with us—filet mignons on the grill, baked potatoes and fruit salad.  The dessert was a cherry cheesecake pie which was more like a pudding but it sure tasted good!! 

Michael and Emmi spent the afternoon puttering and holding down the fort.

IMG_9553Taken yesterday

Michael and I enjoyed dinner last night with Jill & Terry, their daughter Kerri and her friend Garret plus Steve and Jeane.  Jill’s house was beautiful decorated for Christmas—the meal and company were spectacular!

IMG_9560Jeane’s latest quilt I did for her.  I love the colors in this one!




We did start loading some non-freezable thing into the motorhome this morning—warm weather clothes, paper goods, etc. 


  1. Those leaves on that quilt are spectacular, Jenna. Wow. And wow again for those Chinooks. I love them so much. I spent a winter in Calgary and got to know them well. The "golden arch" over the rockies was so magnificent. Our little chinooks in Spokane were not much in comparison, but I liked them as well. We liked the Pineapple Express winds that would follow and always smell like the ocean. We don't get that kind of wind weather here on the east side of the Cascades. Your posts reminded me of a good memory.

  2. Love those warm westerly winds. Hope they blow this far east. It was -18 this morning!! I have many things on the spare bed, ready to be put in bins for our trek south west!!

  3. A young lady sang a solo in church yesterday and she was incredible. Then our choir sang and it sounded just like the angels. Sometimes I wonder how come I got left out of that talent but at least I can appreciate it. Is loved those Chinooks even though they never lasted long enough.

  4. A very good Sunday indeed but an especially terrific sounding lunch!

    Nice job on the quilting. I'm beginning to appreciate how much work and skill goes into quilting these quilts especially with complex patterns.

  5. Those pictures are really making me cold. I may have to walk down to the beach to warm up. Gorgeous quilt, I too like the colors.

  6. Anything on the grill tastes good sound like a perfect day.

  7. Emmi will get lost in that snow if she isn't careful:)

    Wow! Beautiful quilt!

  8. This is the way the pre-Christmas time should be spend, indeed. We love those local talents and Christmas concerts.

  9. I love Jeane's new quilt...almost looks like Japanese Daiwabo prints!! Very nice!


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