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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Good Grief

A week ago yesterday we had this awful storm blow in which left a foot of snow on the ground and frigid temperatures.  Two days ago, the wind began to blow and our temps rose—in this country that’s the way the ball bounces—if you want warmer temps, the wind must blow.  Today, the wind was howling and guess what, it’s snowing again.  I think Brenda left Canada again today and forgot to close the door!! 

Michael had two necessary appointments in Billings today and I had a haircut appointment, also necessary. Smile We left early this morning and decided to go as far as Big Timber and see how the freeway looked.  Our driveway was starting to drift with the wind as was the Boulder Road.  When we got to Big Timber—nothing—the wind wasn’t blowing as hard and the freeway had one lane mostly clear so off we went.  Billings’ streets were a mite treacherous—the main roads were plowed but any side street—you were on your own.  We managed all our appointments, Costco, Wal Mart, and Harbor Freight still making it back to Big Timber before dark. 

IMG_2923IMG_2924When we left Billings headed for home it was snowing and the wind was blowing, by the time we visited with Nat and started up the Boulder it was snowing hard—we managed to avoid the several elk who were determined to join us in the truck and trucked on up our drifted driveway.  The truck is unloaded and hopefully that is our last trip to Billings for the year!!

Nat’s neighbor, Amber and her husband put on quite the Christmas display--



  1. I think I've totally forgotten how to drive on those roads. Glad you made it safely without any Elk catching a ride with you.

  2. That is sure wild weather. I have seen some internet pictures of elk sharing a vehicle-not pretty to say the least:(

  3. Oh My Goodness! I'd be hibernating at home with a big pot of soup on the stove and not come out for a week! While I love your photos, I'm just not up to driving in that weather at this point of my life. Thank goodness you are safe and ... well... okay.

  4. The pictures of the Interstate make me cringe....but, hey, the sand on the beaches down here in coastal Alabama is nearly that white. Glad you got home safely!

  5. You gotta' have guts to drive on those roads. Stay safe. Eleven below and windy here this morning. Making Arizona looking sweeter every day!!!

  6. Ugly! Not the sight I wanted to see just an hour before pulling out of our driveway. Sure hope we don't run across any of that. If we do - we'll be parked till its all gone.

  7. To think that we could be driving similar conditions in the weeks ahead when we return home for Christmas; followed by a trip to Edmonton to welcome our newest grandchild. Snow we can handle.....but cold....not so much.

    The cold front that was stalled over the US southwest is finally moving off and the heat is rising.

  8. I don't think I could ever be warm again in that kind of weather.


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