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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Snow Plowing, Packages and Embroidery

How’s that for a mish mash of a day??  Michael did the snowplowing in anticipation of getting the big motorhome out of its parking spot and down the hill.  He also put the loveseat (he put new foam in the cushions) back in the rig.  Our temperatures were warmer today, we even got above freezing for the first time in over a week!!  The forecast calls for wind, wind and more wind along with milder temps—we can live with that especially if it melts some of this snow.


The Cadillac SRX we purchased while working in Texas is rear wheel drive and doesn’t like to go in the snow—thus the car has been parked for quite a while now, buried in snow.  This morning I started it—kind of surprising it started as cold as it’s been and we moved it out of the path of the motorhome.  Next spring when we get home I think we are going to try selling the car. 

Out here in the wilds of Montana we get mail delivery three days per week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday, period.  This time of year with packages and Christmas cards arriving, our mailbox can get a little full.  Plus UPS and FedEx pay us a visit almost daily.  Today the UPS man called and asked if he could leave our package at the lower shed by the road—of course we said yes and thanks for calling us—otherwise they have to put tire chains on to get up our driveway.  We used to have a UPS lady who we told to leave the packages at the shed but to call us—nope, she rarely called and we would go down days later and find wet/soggy packages.  We really like our UPS man, Bill, but I guess town deliveries are so busy they have a substitute up the Boulder delivering and Bill is helping with the town stuff.  Nothing wrong with the economy in our neck of the woods! Smile

Remember in October last year Michael and I bought a lot of sewing supplies, books, fabrics and a Pfaff sewing machine from a very ill woman in Billings?  The sewing machine had an embroidery unit which she said had never been used.  Well, today I attached that embroidery unit and embroidered Emmi’s name on her stocking.  No cursing, no broken needles—I did have to enlist Michael’s help—Pfaff is notorious for producing poor instruction manuals for their machines and I couldn’t find instructions for making the embroidery unit sew without my constantly holding the foot pedal down.  Michael to the rescue and we got it done—I’m thrilled!


I’m starting to think about stuff to put in the motorhome—things that won’t freeze as we don’t want to start heating the rig this early.  Time to leave will be here before we know it.


  1. I bet Emmi just loved having her name on the stocking:) Looks great!!

    We are back on dry land finally. Way to many blogs to read after ten days. So I am just starting with today.

  2. That is a cute stocking. Maybe we will have to make one for Halley:)

  3. Nice job on the Christmas stocking for Emmi. Glad to hear it's going to get a bit warmer too.

  4. Yours is 4X4 country so I can see the reason to part with the Cadillac. Above freezing temps is nice!

  5. I was wondering why you were driving that Jeep on the ice, but it all becomes clear now. I'm with Rene' it's a 4X4 world out there this year!

  6. Once its spring, that caddy will seem all nice to drive again and want to stay on the ranch.....

  7. Above freezing is a reason to celebrate. I just wish the wind would quit. We're warming up which is sure nice. In the 70's next week. So come on down.

  8. What a cute Christmas stocking! Glad you figured out that machine... you sure did a good job.

  9. Love Emmi's stocking. I couldn't think of living here in N, Wis without internet shopping. I'm on a first name basis with our UPS driver too. I'm also starting to get things together for our trek southwest too!!


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