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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

More Cold

You know it’s cold when the garage doors freeze down to the concrete due to the water melting off the snow covered vehicles!!  I won’t bore you with more weather talk tonight, just suffice it to say, it is cold, beyond cold!


But then again, not much is happening around here except the weather—the UPS man delivered a package, he and Michael discussed the weather.  We took two fairly short walks—couldn’t stand the cold, Emmi may have to learn to use the treadmill!!  I hibernated in the quilt studio in between making lunch and fixing chicken and wild rice soup for supper which just boiled over on my clean stove! GRRRR 

Michael replaced the foam in our motorhome reclining loveseat.  He bought really, really high quality, dense, firm foam and what a difference it made in how that couch sits!! 


A slow blog day in Montana—but dang it’s cold!!


  1. We're expecting cold weather here in Texas tomorrow... but NOT like what y'all have. Guess I won't complain. BUT... for sure, your photos of it all are lovely!

  2. So glad I'm not up that way. Freeze warnings here for tomorrow night but that's nothing compared to what you have. Love your pictures though.

  3. I don't mind reading your weather reports at all as it makes me feel a bit better about our temps here on the Island dipping down into the low 30's which is outrageously cold for us.

    Michael is certainly a jack of all trades isn't he?

  4. Oh,those pictures just say it all!!

  5. Janna,
    The southern Arizona desert is cold too! Almost freezing rain and winds make it feel bitterly cold. To go from mid-70's to this makes us find our long jeans, sweaters and jackets, once again.

  6. Your pictures remind me so much of Norway during the many winters we spent there. Stay near the oven!


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