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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Something About Sunday

That makes me want to cook southern—maybe I’m remembering all those good fried chicken dinners my Mom used to make after church on Sunday.  Whatever the reason we enjoyed a very good, not so good for us lunch with Nat today—I pan fried pork chops, made mashed potatoes and gravy plus we did have some healthy carrots and fruit salad. 

I finished up the Christmas decorating today after giving the house a little sprucing—Gertrude helped me much to Emmi’s dismay!



Michael finished all the repair work on the little Tin Tee Pee and I spent the afternoon working on Christmas presents.  It is hard to believe today was the first day of December!  Jeane was kind enough yesterday to remind me there are only 3 weekends left before Christmas!!  YIKES 

We all took a walk this morning then Emmi and I repeated the hike this afternoon—it was a very cloudy stormy looking day but no moisture ever fell.  Our forecast for the coming week is down right scary—high temperatures in the single digits!!!


  1. My Mom always fixed fried chicken for Sunday dinner also. But I haven't fried a chicken in years and we usually grill pork chops. But your pork chops gravy makes me want to fry some. Yum. Your house is really looking good. Not sure when we'll get the little bit of decorating that we do done.

  2. your house looks very festive!!
    Roast beef, mashed potatoes and Yorkshire pudding always remind me of Sunday dinner!!

  3. Your room looks so cozy. Love the Christmas quilts. Would love to sit in that room and just soak it all in.

  4. Great looking Christmas Tree and quilts - very Christmassy!!

    The lunch you made sounded very 'healthy' to me. Funny...we had pork chops for dinner last night.

  5. Your home does look festive. Your southern fried foods sound delicious!

  6. I can smell your tree from here!! Beautiful!! And love your stocking quilt..yes, I own the book...and it's on that VERY long TO DO LIST!! Someday....

  7. Howdy Janna & Mike,
    Your decorations look really nice.. The quilts are all beautiful... Joyce pan-fries po'k-chops and makes 'fat' gravy, sometimes, for us... It's sooooo goood, with smasht-taters !!! UUUMMM
    Only 12 anches, gosh, I thought it was agonna be a BAD STORM and you took an 8-anch tall dog out in it ???
    For today's comment I'm giving you a '10' on helping the lady out at the quiltin' store !!! You are just a wunderful friend, Arkie !!! You SOOO sweet !!!
    Glad Mike got the TTP repaired, so, y'all can get some money to spend for me or Lon a present!!!
    Cuddle-up with the cowboy(Mike) and stay warm; & Ms Emmi too, also !!!


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