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Thursday, December 26, 2013

A Little More Christmas

Here’s how packages get delivered in Montana sometimes—Santa hires a sleigh driver—guess his reindeer were too tired???  The sleigh driver is Lonn—I think he knows what he is doing! 

RollieRecognize that guy??  Yep, it’s Rollie—he had some business to do and stopped in Billings briefly—long enough to have breakfast with us.  It was so good to see him but way too short a visit!!

We paused in Billings just long enough to retrieve some essential Costco items—milk, eggs, etc. before heading that jeep toward home.  It is positively amazing how slick the parking lots and side streets are both in Big Timber and in Billings.  The airport parking lot almost required ice skates.  I wonder how many broken bones the ER’s are seeing with all this nasty ice—on Monday night it rained before staring to snow sometime over in the night putting a thick layer of ice on the ground that just won’t melt.  Today it was almost 50 degrees so by the time we got back to Big Timber—some of the streets were starting to melt.

The iPad and are are sort of getting along—I have IOS 7.0.4—which I think is the newest version—can you only delete an email by “moving” it to the “trash” folder????  On Rollie’s iPad he showed me how to slide your finger across an email in your inbox, you then have the option of “delete” and one other option which I can’t remember what was.  When sliding your finger on a message in my inbox, you get the option of “move” or “archive.”  I’m sure Rick will have the answer to this one! 

This iPad came from Millenicom preloaded with 3 months of cellular data service from TMobile, free.  We weren’t sure how well TMobile would work here in Montana—this is pretty much a Verizon or AT&T state—well, TMobile is slow as molasses if it works at all but that’s OK—it was free!  At the end of the 3 months we can chose the carrier of our choice or just use the iPad on wifi networks.

Emmi got a new ball for Christmas and she loves it of courseIMG_9613!!



  1. Santa and his sleigh?..nice!
    glad to hear you are enjoying your new ipad!

  2. I like Santa's ride!

    As for email on the iPad, I use Gmail on my iPad and iPhone. I went into Settings, Mail, Contacts and Calendars > Add an Account. Then selected Google and setup my Gmail. From then on the Mail icon defaults to Gmail. Gmail does have a 'trash' bucket.

  3. I must admit, I would like to go for a sleigh ride. So now I just need to figure out how to have lots of snow but still have it 80 degrees.

  4. I think Sandie's got the right idea there for a sleigh ride.

  5. What fun to see a Santa Claus in a real sleigh ride. Good fun!

    The more you play with your iPad, the more you will it to be a really great tool. I really enjoy ours and have it all figured out. Good luck with that. FYI: The T-Mobile SIM card switches to Rogers Network here in Canada and it works really well....with great service. I am pleased as punch. I do understand your belief that Verizon would offer you a better and much broader service. We found T-Mobile was quite week in several areas we rolled into during our five weeks before heading back home.


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