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Friday, December 20, 2013

Friday Before Christmas

Not sure what I did today except wander around in a fog with this head cold.  I did manage to take a two hour nap which helped some!  I have the last batch of Chex Party Mix in the oven, I’ve made two other batches trying Pioneer Woman’s recipe for one of the batches.  Now I just have to hide it from Michael—he loves the stuff!! Smile

Did a little house cleaning with the help of Gertrude and took a couple walks with the Emmi girl.  She also got a bath today, much to her dismay!! to the rescue once again!  Remember Wednesday when I couldn’t buy capers in our local grocery store??  Well, on Thursday morning I ordered capers from for less cost than I would have paid in the Big T grocery store.  And the cost included a $4 shipping charge for getting the capers overnight—we usually don’t pay anything for shipping with our Prime membership but overnight was a measly $4!!  And now I have six bottles of capers—enough to last me a long, long time! Smile

I love getting Christmas cards and our mailbox has been delivering several every day.  I love the newsy Christmas letters people send out, filling us in on all the happenings in their lives.  I too like the photo Christmas cards—got one today from our Arkansas friends, Bradley, Kerri, Harley and Tucker—a fine looking family in their western attire!! 

Warmer today with some sunshine, making for some gorgeous photos.




  1. Wishing you a great Christmas, Janna, and hope you feel great soon. Yes, I love the cards and photos as well. Mo gets a ton of them, but most of my friends don't seem to send them any more. Not sure what that is all about, maybe they think the internet is enough. I still sent them cards this year.

  2. Stunning Snow White mountain photos. Hope you shake the ills quickly. Amazon is a great source, isn't it.

  3. Sure sorry you are feeling lousy. Hopefully tomorrow you will be able to breathe better. Can't imagine what I'd do without Amazon. I love them and they love me. Or my money that is. I don't get Christmas cards anymore because nobody knows where to send them.

  4. Here's to hoping that head cold disappears fast. Poor Michael, knowing check mix is in the house and has to wait until Christmas!!!!

  5. I know how you feel with that head cold as I'm just getting over one - seems to take forever.

    Stunning pics of the mountain with all the snow.

    I have to admit I've heard of capers but have no idea what they are.

  6. What beautiful winter photos!

    Our friends that live in Teasdale, UT wouldn't survive without Amazon. She said she can order most household needs cheaper than the store. Now if they can do the fresh thing everyone will be set.

    Hope you cold is feeling better:)

    Thanks for the Chex's reminder. I told myself weeks ago I would wait til Christmas to make some. I totally forgot. Off to the grocery store I go. Thought I would add more wheat Chex. That's makes it healthier, right...Haha!!!

  7. Would you believe I've never tasted a caper. At least that I knew about.

    I love newsy letters. However we got one today that was a little too much. Two sided, single spaced ( sounds like an old typing class). It was just a little TMI!

    Merry Christmas


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