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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Trip To Livingston and A Machine For Sale

Michael and Nat enjoyed lunch in town at Iron Star Pizza then journeyed over to Livingston so Nat could go to the dentist.  I elected to stay home and get some things done.  Remember those wool jackets I bought at the thrift shop a while back—well, I cut up the coats today making piles of beautiful wool.  Paulette had instructed me to wash the wool in hot, hot water then dry it—so I followed instructions well and now have a lovely pile of felted wool.  I want to dye some of the wool and use it for needlework projects. 

When we purchased all the sewing things from the woman in Billings, it was our intent to re-sell much of it including the machine I used to embroider Emmi’s stocking.  So, today, I re-attached the embroidery unit and created some additional pieces, took photos and listed the entire sewing machine and embroidery unit on Craigslist. 

IMG_9528The holly leaves and berries are done with the embroidery unit, the snails and ducks were done using the machine’s decorative stitches—it’s quite the smart machine!

Emmi and I took two walks today—she has a new fixation—chasing snowballs!  It is so funny to watch, she finds a snowball, stands and stares at it until one of us picks it up and tosses it.  Then she gives chase, grabs it in her mouth and the snowball falls apart—Emmi is then ready for another one.  Silly dog!

For the first time in a couple weeks I fired up the longarm and got started on a quilt for Jeane—this quilt was all ready attached to the zippers so that made the process easier.  The tension gave me fits but right before I came upstairs to make supper, I finally had pretty stitches.  There are just some days!!


IMG_9515These photos were taken a few days ago when it was so dang cold, some of this snow is gone. 


  1. Ohhh I can't wait to see your wool projects!! You would have LOVED the shop I was in today!! INCREDIBLE!!

  2. Hope the roads were better going to Livingston than they were on the trip to Billings. Sunshine is back here in the valley and it was a short sleeve day.

  3. I should tell Michael to make sure he hides all of his wool jackets and other clothing or the may end up on a quilt.

  4. Sounds like your projects are keeping you quite busy. Kind of nice with the winter snows and cold temps keeping you inside:)


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