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Monday, December 16, 2013

Goodbye Butterbean

We read with sadness Greg White’s blog this morning about James (Butterbean) Carpenter’s death in a car accident December 11.  Butterbean was an avid blog reader and many of we blog writers received daily, witty, down home comments by Butterbean and looked forward to those comments.  He and his wife Joyce invited us to stop by when we were heading to Texas last fall but we thought we didn’t have time—we should have stopped and will always regret not doing so.  May you rest in peace Butterbean and Joyce, may your memories comfort you.  Thank you George of Our Awesome Travels for allowing me to use your photos of Butterbean and Joyce.

It was just another day of puttering, packing a few things, cooking some lunch, playing with the dog and taking walks.  Our walks were a little on the tough side—the wind started yesterday, blew all night and today really got wound up—howling, shrieking, gusting—at times I thought the roof was leaving!!  Walking in that kind of wind is dang tough! 


IMG_9568Sunset this evening was gorgeous!



  1. I am not a fan of wind....desert included. Add cold to wind and I can see why you are packing. Great sunset photos though.

    FYI: Using our iPad Mini as the personal hot spot to write, read and comment on blogs. It works well.

  2. We've had a couple of days without wind and it has been so nice. So sad about butterbean. I'm going to miss his comments.

  3. Beautiful, beautiful sunset.

  4. We try to never mention the 'w' word around here in case we jinx ourselves.

    Beautiful sunset photos.


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