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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Sort Of Normal and A Heat Wave

Today is a new day—we remembered a couple funny things about the whole incident.  The Montana state trooper, Brenda,  has made a name for herself in the surrounding areas as one who is a stickler for details.  When the accident was called in to her, she was in Columbus, about 45 miles from where we were.  Instead of letting the sheriff’s deputy sign off on a non-injury, one vehicle accident she wanted to come and investigate. 

On those horrible, icy roads, it took her a while to get there—all the while I am sitting in the back (read—prisoner section) of the sheriff’s patrol vehicle.  The young sheriff’s deputy has the heater cranked, I am so cramped in this totally plexiglass enclosed seat area, I can’t hear a thing the deputy or Michael who is sitting in the front seat are saying, plus between menopause and that heater I am about to explode!!  If I had ever thought of committing a crime—that backseat would have been a strong deterrent!!! Smile

When Brenda arrived Michael got out to get in her car taking Emmi with him—well, it seems the state trooper is a softy after all—Tim, the deputy said, “it’s good he took the dog, Brenda loves dogs.”  She loves dogs so much that when she asked Michael where he had been going, “into town for dinner,” her reply was, “and just what did you do with your dog while you were having dinner.”  Michael got the distinct impression that if he had said,  “we left her in the jeep,”  with the temps 18 degrees below zero Brenda might have given us a ride in her backseat! SmileMichael told her we got takeout and had dinner at Nat’s house—all was well!

Michael and Lonn went into town to retrieve the jeep—he took the tow bar we use when pulling it behind the motorhome but didn’t need to tow the jeep home.  After talking with the wrecker guy and checking the fluid levels Mike decided to start the jeep—it started and ran like top all the way home and into the garage.  THANKS Lonn for your help!!   The damage in the daylight is no more than it was in the dark—jeeps are tough I guess—no windows broken, just a couple minor things on the outside. 

We have Good Sam Platinum Towing Service which covers not only our motorhome but all our other vehicles.  The wrecker service (the only one in town) showed up with all the other emergency service people so I didn’t call Good Sam.  But after Michael paid the bill for a tow of less than 10 miles—I called Good Sam—I have to send the receipt and a letter then Good Sam will probably reimburse us.   I plan on calling the wrecker service also to discuss what we think is an unreasonable charge.

While Michael was out running around I was baking—11 dozen cookies and a recipe of CJ’s Fruitcakes.  My first batch of CJ’s Fruitcakes were OK but not quite right.  I purchased some mini-loaf pans, adjusted the recipe for our higher altitude and today—success!!  The cakes are beautiful!

IMG_9511Emmi and I took a couple walks today—we had a heat wave, our high temp was 11 degrees and let me tell you, after 20 below, it felt balmy out there! 


Thank you all so much for your kind words about our little accident, we truly appreciate it!


  1. That second paragraph made me laugh out loud! Thanks for the chuckle...

  2. You two seem to have recovered well from that unfortunate mishap. Jeeps are well made and to have sustained so little damage is testament to their toughness. That no one suffered injury is even better.

  3. Glad thatyou all are okay. Jeeps can be fixed Don't want your weather. It is cold enough here in Indiana. Heading to Texas on Tues.

  4. So happy neither of you were hurt!! It could have been horrible! A dent here and there is nothing!! Count your lucky stars!! Did the air bags go off??

  5. You need one of those stickers that go on upside down and read " If you can read this roll me over."

  6. I like Rod's comment. So did Brenda get all the details she needed to make a report? I bet she drives everyone else crazy. Love your deer picture. 11 above is amazing. Hopefully the worst of the cold is over with for you.

  7. What a week you had! So glad you and Michael and Miss Emmi are OK! Hope you have a much better week coming up.

  8. I would have loved to see a picture of you sitting in the back of that police car! That would have been a keeper for sure.

    The fruit loafs look terrific.


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