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Monday, April 12, 2010

What Happened To My Day

Michael headed out bright and early to help Lonn with a project and Emmi and I took off on our walk.  We were treated to an incredible display of what I think was two sandhill cranes mating.  The noise they were making was incredible and I just stood there snapping photos.  Emmi wandered around on her own but made no move to chase the cranes.  These two were near the site where the baby sandhill was hatched last year.

Im better showoff Take that

Prehistoric looking creatures, aren’t they?

Then it was off to town—I sold 3 sweaters on eBay and needed to mail the sweaters to their new owners.  I also needed to go to the bank.  Jill and I made lunch plans, I loaded Emmi into the convertible and off we went.  Jill and I lunched at the Crazy Bean and enjoyed our visit. 

After lunch I decided to try and get the windshield ding we got while in Arizona patched at our local shop.  Kevin thought he could at least keep it from cracking by sealing the ding and dropped me off at Nat’s to wait while the work was done. 

While at Nat’s a horseshoe pitching buddy of his came by and I snapped these photos of Nat as he was pitching.  Two winters ago he added an addition onto his house for indoor horseshoe pitching.  It has been one of the best things he ever did for himself, it is heated, out of the wind and he is even holding sanctioned tournaments once a month.  Looking at these photos you would never know he is approaching his 88th birthday!

Nat pitching Nat pitching2

Stopped in the quilt shop and then Cinnabar Creek to try out their new frozen yogurt machine.  Alida, one of the owners gave me a free sample—how nice is that??  It was very tasty.

Finally about 4pm I arrived back home, deposited the little convertible in the shed down the driveway and started walking back up the hill, Mike came along and picked us up before we reached the house.

A great day!


  1. Yep, I'll bet that's what them there Cranes were up to alrigh:))

  2. What a treat for you to see those cranes! I'm jealous. :)

  3. Oh gosh Steveio would LOVE that indoor shoe court. He throws and it's his *favorite sport*...

    Someday we will get there to visit and he can pitch with Nat!

    Karen and Steve


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