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Friday, April 30, 2010

More Winter

When I got to town this morning, Jill told me I was dressed as if it were winter outside—I asked her what did she call 29 degrees, snow, and howling wind cause where I come from, that ain’t spring!!! 

Emmi and I braved the elements and took our morning walk while Dad headed off to help Lonn with the truck flatbed building. 

Ran some errands in town and had lunch with Jill at the new place in town—had quiche, shrimp bisque and a delicious salad.  Then we split a dessert, chocolate mouuse that was to die for! 

I was home just after 1pm and got started on the quilt again.  Finally got in the groove and managed to make some headway—two feather wreaths and some crosshatching done.

Michael was late getting home and we are just relaxing in front of the fire, glad to be inside and warm.

I just love digital photography—you take a photograph, download from camera to computer and get the best surprises such as this photo I took of a little white flower (probably a weed) with droplets of water on its leaves:  April flowers

And this photograph really captures the storm which was blowing through:  Crazies April storm

And then there is Emmi—she has decided the birds on the feeder are invading her territory and she goes out each morning to let them know who is boss.  Our deck sits about 12 feet over the little creek and Emmi sticks her head under the lower deck railing so she can see—makes me a little nervous!

sending birds packing Long way down


  1. 29 degrees is winter to me...your springtime must have taken a detour. I love the mountain picture.

    Hugs to you and Mike.

  2. I love the pictures too. I am on vacation this weekend, so I have posted some blogs. I guess I should re-name it "Our vacation blog."


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