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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Chores and Chores

We slogged through a walk this morning, lots of mud leftover from yesterday’s rain and snow.  After the walk I started on the laundry and was about to start transplanting sprouted seedlings into bigger pots when Michael decided we would take the motor home to Big Timber for its new tires.  OUCH—six tires and they aren't cheap ones, either!

Came back home and made lunch—tried a new recipe—shrimp with garlic, butter and panko crumbs—it was very good.  A big salad and lots of veggies finished off our meal. 

Then I got to start on the gardening in between loads of laundry.  My little seeds spouted and now I have baby plants—cucumber, squash, tomato, etc.  Planted some more seeds today—I want to have some gorgeous sunflowers ready for Katie’s wedding. 

One of my newest save money ideas is never if I can help it pay full price for anything—today I established a wholesale account with Moda Fabrics one of my favorite lines of quilting fabric.  Now I just have to decide what I need from their website without breaking the bank! 

Michael got his small skid steer painted bright yellow and when he came inside about 3pm, I noticed his facial whiskers and hair are just a little yellow tinged—sure hope it come out and off!

Winter view of house West Boulder with snow

Life is good.



  1. A wholesale account! Wow! I'm envious. But I do minis, so that much fabric isn't a necessity. I just looked at all my stash, and figure that I probably have enough to last me for years without replenishing. I'll just need occasional backing fabric. I received a gift of a package of those 2" Moda squares - perfect to make a mini with by adding some cream. One of these days we'll have to meet at a quilt shop once we hit the road!

  2. Wholesale account!!?? Can anyone do this or do you have to own a business? That could be very dangerous for me. I just got back into quilting. I had not done it since 98 when we lost our home to fire. I forgot how much fun it is and just how habit forming fabric is.:P
    Love your blog.Someday, while snowbirding we may meet>


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