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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Another Day of Sunshine

Even though the wind is blowing, the sun is shining and it is warmer than yesterday.  We had a great walk today and were treated to watching neighbor Curtis and another guy moving cow/calf pairs from one pasture to another on horseback. 

Curtis being cowboy For some reason sound was carrying a long way this morning very clearly and we heard cows called lots of things other than “cow” if you get my meaning!  Curtis asked us if we wanted to help but we declined!

It was time to clean the house and clean the dog this morning and by time to fix lunch I had both accomplished.  When you use a wood burning fireplace for heat it is amazing how much dirt gets brought into the house and how dusty things get.  

I couldn’t sleep this morning and was up and on the computer early.  The first news story I read was about the idiot diplomat from Qatar who sarcastically told federal air marshals he was trying to light his shoes on fire.  I fired off emails to both our Montana senators with my instructions for sending the idiot back to Qatar.  At noon today Michael read that the diplomat is leaving our country and will be posted somewhere else.  Well, finally, someone in Washington had a brain!!!  Now, if Washington could just get a brain about all the illegals in this country!!!???

OK, rant done—I am off to a quilting meeting tonight—it will be fun to see everyone after a winter away.  And, I need to go catch the dog and touch up her hairdo!

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  1. Janna...It's a shame the we recognize "diplomatic Immunity" for these morons that openly mock us and our war on terrorism...It is also a shame about the American sentenced to 8 years in prison at hard labor for entering North Korea illegally..Where was the consideration for him....Maybe take a look at these "laws"...


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