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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Quilting and Wood Hauling

Our bright sunny weather left and now we have clouds and cooler temps.  It has looked like it might rain all day but no drops so far.

We took a walk and Emmi chased bunnies.  Nat arrived about mid morning and started up the sawmill.  Michael started the chainsaw and cut into firewood some of the logs we hauled home last fall.  Firewood season lasts a long time around here, we start building fires in September/October and usually don’t stop until well into May.  Takes a lot of wood!

I loaded a quilt onto the longarm today and got a slow start.  I am trying out a new thread company, Metro—I love the colors, the price and the sheen the thread has but the variegated I tried today kept breaking.  Played with the tension for a while, maybe I have it working, we will see.  If it keeps breaking I will go back to my tried and true Superior thread.  It is frustrating to continually break thread—makes me grumpy!

Emmi again spent most of her day outside—if the weather is nice she loves to be outside exploring.  Sure wish I could get her to stop snacking on horse apples!  Ellie—she still loves her ducks!

Dad & Emmi play duck Playing duck Nat came for lunch again and I did burgers on the grill with all sorts of vegetables.  I sautéed some mushrooms with butter and garlic to serve over the burgers.  At the end of the meal Nat asked me what those things were and when I asked him if he liked them or not he declined to answer.  My guess is he isn’t fond of mushrooms!

Life is good.


  1. The thought of the burgers with sauteed mushrooms and garlic is making my mouth water. :)

  2. We'll have to make sure Emmi always has one of those ducks, won't we.
    Yum on the hamburgers with mushrooms & garlic!

  3. Ah the duckies, That was Rigg's first toy when he was 9 weeks old and Duckie was a big as he was, now he makes short work of the duckies with thje heads and wings chewed off in the first week, but he still loves them and will search the house when you say, wheres duckie? Pets sure do bring a lot of joy into you life. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.


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