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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Michael Is Sad

About a year ago Michael had started talking about selling the Honda Shadow motorcycle we have.  We talked about the dangers of riding a bike—people dangers and deer dangers.  He talked about the fact that his reflexes are not what they used to be.  He started looking for a convertible with the intent to sell the bike when and if he found a car.  Well, as you know we did find the cutest little convertible last fall and took it to Arizona with us this winter.  I put the bike on Craigslist two days ago and a lady came and bought it today.  So, Michael is sad—I gave him that bike as a Christmas gift a few years ago and he says it was the best Christmas present he ever got.  Comfortable with the decision to sell but still sad.

When I married Michael he owned a small New Holland skid steer and has owned it for close to 30 years.  I learned to operate the thing (you had to get out and turn the drive shaft with a wrench so the starter would engage) and we used it extensively until we bought the John Deere skid steer a few years ago.  The smaller one had stopped running and Mike had removed its engine.  Well, this spring’s project is to get it running and sell the New Holland skid steer.  Mike got the newer engine in a few days ago, it runs and now he is removing all its external parts in preparation for painting it bright yellow!  The things this man I am married to can do!!!   


Skidsteer projectThe project!

Nat came up for lunch and to use his sawmill.  I made beef stew and homemade bread.  And, I made Nat some oatmeal/chocolate chip/pecan cookies—his most favorite cookie which he hasn’t had since I left just after Christmas! 

After lunch and after helping Mike get the bike ready for that lady to come and see I finished the top for the Christmas wall hanging.  The pattern has a mistake in it so one of the borders does not turn out as it should but it is for me and I am OK with that.  When I get it longarmed I will post some photos. 

The party last night for Laci at Lonn and LoraLee’s was fun.  It was good to see neighbors and friends we haven’t seen all winter and it was fun to watch Laci and her friends entertain themselves! 

A comment was left by Ladybug regarding the insert in last night’s blog about illegal immigration.  She states that if having been born in Mexico she would be trying her best to get out of Mexico.  Yes, many, many Mexicans want to come to the US, my point is that it should be done legally and all the perks of living in the US should be given to those who are citizens of the US.  We have traveled extensively in Mexico.  We are not allowed to enter Mexico without the appropriate paperwork, we are not allowed to work in their country without meeting requirements and sometimes not allowed to work at all, we must pay taxes on property we bring into Mexico such as furnishings for a home we might have there.  The US was settled by immigrants and I am not saying there should not be immigrants, I just want it to be legal.  Some states such as Arizona and California are financially strapped from providing services to illegal immigrants.  Our tax dollars are going to support these illegal people in our country.  No other country in the world allows US citizens to enter illegally and why should we?

Got out all the garden stuff today and planted a bunch of seeds in trays so the seeds will germinate hopefully and I will have bigger plants to put in the garden when the weather warms up.  Nancy, the trays are nice and warm thanks to your heating pads. 

Sprouting Seeds The sheet of paper on the wall is my road map telling me where what kind of seeds are planted where in the tray so I don’t end up thinking I am growing pumpkins and come up with cucumbers!

It was a beautiful day today, sunny and warmer plus no wind.  Emmi was outside most of the day and I only caught her snacking on horse apples once!


  1. I had those same feelings when I decided to sell the motorcycle last summer. Never got an offer so I still have the bike. Mixed feelings. Nice to be out riding but the excitement & fun of the early riding days wore off a long time ago & I'm just not on the bike as much anymore. Guess if somebody came along & made me good offer I would sell it but otherwise, guess I'll just hang onto it for a bit. longer.

  2. Yes, I agree on your viewpoint about immigration. If you want to come here, do it right. And work with a SS number and pay taxes like we all do. I hate the idea of the cash workers who don't pay a cent but burden our free systems of health care and welfare and they never contribute back to the coffers!

    Anyhow.. off my soapbox!

    Poor Mike, selling off his toy. But that opens the window for the next thing to buy and play with. Right? Steveio is always buying and selling stuff, almost always making a profit after fixing things up. Keeps him busy and outta trouble! LOL
    He could be sitting in a bar or casino or race track just wasting money, right?

    Karen and Steve

  3. Wishing you the best success with your little seedlings. In a garden near our San Jose home there is a little sign that says, "Grow Dammit". We'll see if that works.
    We should be back in MT around April 26th. You will hear a sigh of relief from Geoff.
    love, Nancy
    PS Tell Mike he looked cool on that bike but....glad it's gone for safety sake.

  4. On illegal are absolutely right. You should see as I have the paths/dry stream beds south of Tucson where those coyotes usher in their clandestine charges: Illegals. The paths are littered with discarded backpacks, jackets, old blankets (used as sleeping covers), empty water bottles, old sandals..and so on. People running to get into the coyote's vans along the dirt roads leave everything behind there. There is no room for any of it in the vans running from ICE. (Immigration and Customs)


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