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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Busy Day of Quilting

My quilting client has left for home and I am relaxing—being a teacher and constantly on the alert for questions and machine issues was hard work!  She was to have stayed tonight and quilted tomorrow morning, too, but decided the quilts she had left to quilt were just too big for her to complete tomorrow morning.  I am relieved to have tomorrow to myself to get ready to leave for the quilting retreat on Friday.

Michael headed over to help Lonn again today and spent a full day digging in the dirt. 

Emmi girl progressed with fence education today—she stayed outside a lot by herself and wasn’t just sitting by the back door shivering.  We took a nice walk this morning, too, before the quilting client arrived.

I have all my projects cut out for the quilting retreat and my quilting supplies gathered up.  Tomorrow I have to fix treats to take, run into town for a couple of things and pack my clothes.  I am so looking forward to this retreat!

Judy and Emma asked to see a photo of this quilting machine/longarm machine I talk about all the time so here are a couple:

Me & Millie The head of the machine you see in this photo weighs 46 pounds, the table to which it is mounted is 14 feet long.  A quilter brings me a top she has pieced and I put it together as a quilt with stitching, sometimes fairly plain, sometimes fancy.  Quilting in the trailer This is a photo of me quilting in the trailer we pulled behind the motor home to Arizona this past winter.  This table Michael made and it is 10 feet long.  I wasn’t a quilter until about 4 years ago and I have a serious addiction now—I love the whole process, piecing, ironing, mounting to the frame and the quilting.  What’s not to like about a job you love to do??

Our beautiful weather is coming to an end for a few days,  rain and snow with much colder temps. 


  1. A great craft.I am not a quilter but enjoy seeing the finished product. Nice to see a photo of you ☺ That sure is a neat double duty trailer.

  2. Thanks for posting the pictures. Now I can picture better what quilters do to finish their works of art. :)

  3. I enjoy following your blog. Thank You! I have a quilting question please. My favorite quilt is a king size postage stamp quilt. It is all hand stiched. I use it as a bedspread (get's used well by the dogs) and it now has some ripped spots where the quilting is coming out. Where do I start to find a person that can repair it. I sew just a little and had little success when I tried to repair another quilt (the cloth just ripped more around my hand stitching after I mended it). I've tried searching google for "quilt repair + Denver" no luck :0) Please help. E-mail is KatieDean at Comcast dot net Thanks


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