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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Another Day of Quilting

It was a gorgeous day in Montana, I even ate my lunch while sitting outside on the deck, a first this spring. 

Michael headed off to meet Steve early this morning, they were on a mission to find parts for the “project.”  Now you look at this photo and tell me if you think this looks like a “project!”Steve's project

Susie showed up a little after nine and we began another day of quilting—she started to be very independent today allowing me to do some things such as transplant seedlings and get a project cut out for the quilt retreat I am attending this weekend.  Susie completed two quilts today, one a larger quilt and the other a baby quilt. 

Emmi still is leery of going outside with that dreaded purple collar round her neck.  She will stay out there if someone is with her but doesn’t like to be left alone.  Yesterday afternoon I turned the shock feature of the fence off just leaving the noise alert signal on.  Emmi was outside by herself and I could see her getting close to where I knew the underground wire was located—when Emmi heard the warning signal through the collar, she streaked back to the house and the back door.  So, I am pleased that she recognizes what the signal means—“do not cross!!”  Encouraging!

That’s about it for today, another beautiful spring day in Montana.

Sunset April


  1. No, that doesn't look like a project at looks like a project & a half!!

  2. I recognize those "projects". They happen here too ☺
    I hope Emmi learns her boundaries soon and you all can relax. Very nice picture. We had rain all day here :-(

  3. Nice sunrise/sunset shot. Do you think you could show a picture of that quilt machine of yours? I have no idea what it looks like, and don't quite understand what you do with it. If you have posted a picture previously, I must have missed it. :)

  4. Looks like a project only Mike would undertake!

    A quilting retreat....sounds like fun.

    Take care and enjoy springtime.


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