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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Getting Ready

This weekend is our long awaited quilting retreat in Red Lodge.  There are 11 of us and we are going to have so much fun!  I have packed way too many projects and food, probably won’t get half the projects finished or half the food eaten but we will certainly give it a good try!

We had a great walk this morning, our good weather held out for one more day, weather forecast is for cold, rain and possibly snow starting tomorrow.

Ran into town to pick up a few things at the grocery store so bachelor Mike wouldn’t starve this weekend although as long as he has peanut butter, popcorn and ice cream he will be OK.  Had a coffee and nice chat with Jill and checked in with Nat before coming home.

Came home and started baking and cooking all those goodies I am taking to the quilt retreat.  Packed and did laundry too.  I think I am ready.

We have been slowly looking for another vehicle.  The Explorer we have was a good vehicle until we hit the deer last Labor Day weekend—the car now has a lot of wind noise and rattles plus it has a lot of mileage.  There was a nice looking Jeep on Craigslist today and we drove over to Livingston about 6pm tonight to look at it.  I just don’t get it—people list things for sale on Craigslist then act surprised when someone wants to see the item.  The Jeep was trashed and filthly besides!  Dog hair everywhere, ripped seats, dents and of course they want premium price.  Oh, well, guess we will keep looking!

I am taking the laptop with me and if I find the time in between quilting, gabbing, eating and drinking—I will post a blog!

Some scenes from our walk this morning:

Another spring storm view


  1. Yup.. Steve has seen some amazing *junk* that folks post on Craigslist. Gotta sort out the diamonds from the ruff?

    Have fun at your weekend!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  2. Here come good wishes for a great weekend with lots of fun and learning.


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