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Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fools Day

Forgot a funny thing that happened to me today.  I downloaded a free bag pattern from the website, DIY Bag Lover and noticed I needed larger printer paper than I had.  There is a store in Big Timber that does a variety of things such as custom surveys for companies such as McDonald’s but the store also sells office supplies.  When I got to the door, there was a sign stuck to the door that said, “Please Use Other Door.”  Well, there is no other door, I stepped back, looked on both sides of the door, no, no other door, just big windows.  I’m thinking to myself, jeez, I was only gone 3 months, I know there is no other door into this place.  As I am about to walk away, one of the ladies who works there was rushing to the door, she opened the door and said, “That’s Tim’s idea of an April Fool’s joke!”  Tim is the owner of the business.  Well, I died laughing and told her to tell Tim it worked.  She replied that she would but if she had to run up and down the street all day retrieving confused customers she wasn’t going to be a happy camper!!  Made me smile all day!


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  1. Hahahha that was a good one on you!

    Karen and Steve


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