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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Horizontal Snowstorm

April winter Now does this look like a late April day or a January day?  The weather has been truly miserable today—howling winds, horizontal snow and sleet, only about 29 degrees.  The fireplace has been going full bore all day and we haven’t ventured farther than the garage except to take a very short walk before the snow started. 

A good day for quilting.  I got the quilt back on the frame and all the borders quilted, I only have to do the center of the quilt now.  I tried a new method of quilting all the borders first instead of as I go and I am not sold, got a couple of tucks in the backing that had to be removed making me grumpy.   Sometimes new ways are not better ways of doing things!

Emmi has been a little restless today—I was quilting and thought to myself, “it sure is quiet upstairs.”   The basket that holds her toys was in the middle of the living room floor and pieces of the basket were everywhere, she had one of Michael’s slippers and all the toys out of the basket.  A mess—then when I got out the vacuum cleaner Emmi attacked it—barking and growling.  We played fetch with the duck for about 15 minutes, maybe that will tire her out for at least a little while!

An evening to curl up in front of the fire with a good book!

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  1. I agree - it's too darn late in the year for this. We live in southern California and even though we ARE at 6000', we don't usually get snow this late in the year. Last night we got about the same as you, judging by your dog's footprints. I think we've just about had enough! I had to use a little space heater next to me while I sewed. (I had to do a little block for a swap and had put it off all month.) Here's to warmer weather!

  2. Our little Motormouse attacks the big vacum cleaner monster as well & sometimes calls Checkers in for back up!!

  3. Keep that snow up there where your at or better yet get our neighbors up in Alberta to keep it there. Sam said he is scheduled to take a bus load of high school students to Panama City FLa for 7 days in May so he will put some sunshine on our blog for you guys. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  4. Brrr! Today, I'm not envying your location. :) I usually put Emma outside when I vacuum. She's not crazy about the machine either.


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