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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Quilt Retreat Spring 2010

The day finally arrived and eleven of us quilting ladies loaded into vehicles very early Friday morning and set off for Red Lodge and Medicine Flower Lodge for our 3 day quilting retreat.

Of course between Big Timber and Red Lodge are quilt shops to be visited and restaurants to try.  Our first stop was at the Cloud Nine Quilt Shop in Absarokee where we managed to almost overwhelm the quilt shop owner with our purchases.  I also forgot to take the camera into this store.  The Montana Quilt Shop Hop is also going on so we dutifully got our “passports” stamped in hopes of winning a quilt retreat in Deer Lodge. 

After all that shopping made us hungry we decided to have a late breakfast, early lunch at Cafe Regis in Red Lodge:

Regis Grocery Lunch or breakfast

On to Red Lodge after an awesome breakfast which included huevos rancheros for some of us.  Next stop on the list was the famous Washoe Quilt Shop which is housed in an old historic mining assay office complete with vault.

Washoe Quilt Shop

We spent a lot of time in that special quilt store also nearly overwhelming the young lady behind the counter who was very accommodating (more on that later).  Several yards of various fabrics, thread, books, kits and other quilting items were purchased by all.  What a great store!  Jane getting caught

Finally we arrived at the Medicine Flower Lodge and received the grand tour of our quilting room and sleeping accommodations.  It took many trips to haul all the quilting supplies and tools into the lodge, some people (Mary P) having brought their entire quilting stash from home!  We quickly got down to quilting, our main reason for being there! 

In the late afternoon we took a break from quilting and Mary  F gave us a lesson in glass etching, having each of us etch a glass for our happy hour wine.  Then Mary P taught us to make the coolest fabric coasters—what fun!  Wine and some wonderful appetizers prepared by Janet and Linda were enjoyed before dinner was served over in the dining room.  Oh, my—can the women that run this resort cook—a delicious meal was followed by more quilting.  I managed to finish a bag, others finished quilts and wall hangings. 

We all straggled off to bed at various times and some slept better than others.  This morning we all rose early and got to quilting.  The resort ladies served an incredible brunch around 10am and we are all almost too stuffed to quilt but not quite! 

Gang shopping All tired out Dinner first night Shirley

Now, for the “later” comment.  One of us quilting ladies left her credit card at the Washoe Quilt Shop.  The gracious young lady who helped us remembered one of us saying we were staying at the Medicine Flower Lodge—when she closed the shop for the day, she came to find us and deliver the credit card to its rightful owner—now isn’t that great customer service??

A great group of ladies, lots of laughter and learning.  Off to quilt, more later.

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  1. What a nice quilt shop lady to deliver the credit card! Quilters are mostly always so nice. Sounds like a very fun retreat!!


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