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Wednesday, April 28, 2010


There is a new quilting rule in this house—if I am quilting and don’t like the looks of something whether it be the color of the thread or the pattern being stitched, I WILL NOT wait until I have quilted both the top borders  and 12 inches of the side borders on an 89 inch wide quilt to change my mind.  It took me forever to rip out all that stitching—probably 8 hours total.  My fingers and hands are sore and so is my back.  Lesson learned!

Michael decided to be a mountain goat this morning and took us on a mountain climbing expedition for our walk.  I was huffing and puffing!  Today may be the last day for a while to get in a good walk—our weather is getting really crummy.

Mixed up some bread dough today and made a beef/vegetable soup.  I also made cornbread—Michael doesn’t eat cornbread (he must be touched in the head) so I half my recipe and it is just the right amount.

Michael headed over to Lonn’s this morning to help him build a flatbed for his truck. 

The wind has howled today and blown in storm after storm—snow, rain, sleet—nothing accumulated yet but it sure is miserable.  This weather pattern is supposed to stick around for several days now, YUK.

yellow flower view

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  1. Your weather is spilling north of the medicine line and when it spins into the mountains the upslope is causing it to dump snow all over us here in Western Alberta.


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