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Friday, April 16, 2010

64 Degrees

Now that’s more like it, sunny and 64 degrees today, hardly any wind.  Maybe spring will come to Montana eventually.

We had a great time at Nat’s last night with Lonn, LoraLee and Laci.  The pizza was good and the company was better.  It was fun to watch Lonn and Nat play cribbage and interact with each other—Nat has a wonderful sense of humor and I think Lonn inherited it—the two of them traded insults constantly.  Laci heads back to Lackland Air Force base on Sunday, we have enjoyed seeing her so much, she left us two years ago a rebellious, mouthy teenager and now she is a very mature young woman who is a pleasure to be around.

Nat & Laci Nat & Lonn Laci and Us

We took the little car into town and of course Laci had to accompany her Grandpa to get the pizzas.  She said riding in that cool car was worth messing up her hair!

Today was a very traumatic day for little Emmi—I think she was shocked by the fence twice and probably has it figured out.  I have white and red flags around the perimeter of the fence and she is giving those flags a wide berth.  It didn’t hurt me as bad as I thought is would when she got shocked because I know it is safer for her.

I am sitting in my easy chair writing this blog and Michael may have to help me get out of this chair.  I have spent the entire day cleaning and cleaning some more.  I started on our house and ended up down at Joe and Tammy’s.  I have a client coming on Monday to rent my longarm and to stay in Joe and Tammy’s house for a few days while she quilts so thus, I am cleaning! 

Michael worked on his little skid steer project all day so he may also have trouble getting out of his recliner.

I am going to just sit here now and enjoy my glass of wine!

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  1. Ohhh poor little Emmi. But it's for her *own good*... right? Remember how much we hated to hear those words from our parents? Seems Laci sure has turned out to be a lovely young woman.

    I had a snotty teenager too who is now a mommy of her own. Hope she gets one as bad as she was--- snicker snicker

    Karen and Steve
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