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Monday, April 19, 2010

Quilting Student

A few weeks ago APQS (manufacture of my longarm) sent me a potential lead—someone looking to purchase a longarm.  As I am a sales rep for APQS, I called the woman, Susie who lives in Helena and spoke with her about the machines.  She and friends had thought to purchase one together but had decided against it.  Susie told me she was driving to Billings to rent a longarm on occasion.  I explained that I rented my longarm and could probably arrange accommodations if she wanted to come over for more than one day.  Well, to make a long story short, she arrived today and will be staying in Joe and Tammy’s house for 3 nights, using my longarm during the day. 

My brain is tired, teaching is hard work! 

This morning Michael headed off for Lonn’s to move some more dirt and Emmi and I went for a walk.  Emmi did a little better today being outside with the electric fence collar on, not much, but a little.   I went outside and we played fetch the stick which seemed to help get her a little more comfortable.

It was another beautiful day today, I hung my sheets outside to dry, I love the smell of sheets hung outside. 

Nat & Emmi Emmi visiting Nat at the sawmill.Horses These horses seemed to be saying, “hey, don’t you have anything for us to eat??”

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  1. Glad Emmi is trying to get used to the fencing ring. Our neighbors use one for their 2 dogs and it took a week till they figured they better not get close. It works well for them.

    I know what you mean about teaching and renting out your stuff. I rent out loom time for folks who want to weave a rug or two, but don't have the room for a big loom, or the skill to warp it up evenly for the best rugs. Before they know it, the whole day is gone and they leave with a couple rugs! But it is tiring.

    Karen and Steve
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