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Wednesday, March 4, 2009


The forecast was for wind and the weather man hit the nail on the head, it blew and blew--every time Michael got out of the truck, he had to cinch down his hat!

We took a nice hour long walk out across this state land where we are parked with views in every direction. Showers and then on to Sierra Vista which is about 13 miles from where we are parked.

Our intent was to take our computers into Best Buy and get the Geek Squad to fine tune them but we took my laptop first and the guy said it was working great--go figure!! A stop at Dillard's for makeup and it was free gift time so I lucked out!

Then I made a grave mistake--I went to the local grocery chain--Fry's to buy groceries. Unbeknownest to me, Wednesday is Senior Citizen Day and I think every person over the age of 65 was there--I was a wreck when I came out--the aisles were blocked with carts and slow moving elderly folks, the store was literally packed. When I got to the checkout counter I was so glad I had only purchased 15 items so I could go through the fast lane. I know I will be old one day, too, and I hope someone is more patient with me than I am!!

We were then ready for lunch and decided to try a local restaurant called The Diner. I ordered a chocolate milkshake since they didn't serve alcohol--I was considering wine after my grocery store trial--and no, Ellie, it wasn't a Weight Watcher sized one, either--it was huge and tasted so good. That probably used up all my extra points for the week!

Property searching was then on the agenda--we are thinking of purchasing something in the Arizona area again (we used to own 40 acres of bare land near Benson, AZ) and enjoy looking. We got home around 5pm and I posted our friend Jim & Linda's Toy Hauler RV on CraigsList, they have bought a home in Tombstone.

Our boondocking spot with Sierra Vista in the distance.
Isn't this the life, it was warm enough to sit outside this morning and drink our coffee.

Life is good.

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  1. Oh, I don't blame you at all for having that milkshake! Sounded great to me, especially after the grocery shopping trip.

    Glad you're enjoying Arizona!



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