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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Dentist Again

Hopefully this was our last trip this year to Algodones--the dentist put the last crown on my tooth and we were back in line where we stood for almost 2 hours again. This time we had the company of two younger women who had forgotten their passports and were slightly worried about how they would get themselves back into the US. One of the women was a nursing student, at 42, she decided to develop another career and went back to school. When Michael and I existed the trailer where the border patrol screens people wanting to get back into the US, we waited to see what would happen to the two women with no passports. Not good--one of the women was given the go ahead with a warning, the other woman (who had the bad luck to get the female officer, they seem to be much more strict about things than their male counterparts) was carted off to the building where they question and search people more thoroughly.

When we got back we had a huge swarm of bees at the rear of the RV, they appeared to be trying to enter a building on the lot behind us. They hung around for about an hour, then most of them departed--icky!!

We are enjoying our stay here in this Escapee park--when we leave here on Thursday, we are heading back to Phoenix and the Scottsdale area--there is an AZ state park we want to check out.

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  1. Algodones, Mexico?
    How did you come to trust (or even find) a dentist in Mexico?

    PS - I have a Mini Schnauzer too. Best dog ever!


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