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Sunday, March 1, 2009

A Hike and Real Estate

Sorry I can't post any photos of our glorious hike yesterday but our Verizon aircard is not working well here and it won't work at all on my laptop--so I am posting on Michael's and I can't load photos from his.

There is a trail leading from the visitor's center called the Dog Canyon Trail, it is 5.6 miles to the top where you can leave a car for the return trip or you can hike all the way back. We knew we couldn't hike 5.6 miles right from the beginning--it was so steep for the first mile or more we were considering turning around at the first sign we saw that said we had hiked .5 mile. We huffed and puffed for 2 miles then Michael decided to go an additional mile to see the "Line Cabin". He said the climb definitely wasn't worth it! By the time we got back to the RV, 3 hours later I might add, our legs were trembling and Jazzy was one pooped puppy! Today we are just a little stiff. Ellie, just think of all those exercise points we earned!

After the hike we rested, had lunch and drove into town to the Visitor's Center to get some information and maps. Wal-Mart for groceries and then home to collapse!

Today we took a much easier hike and then drove into the surrounding areas to look at real estate which is a favorite past times of Michael's. When we decide we like an area, we always end up looking at real estate and we like this area, the mountains are beautiful and the climate great! Cherry trees and crab apple trees are all ready blossoming.

Another quick stop at Wal-Mart for bread and jelly and then home. Jazzy had picked up some kind of grass seeds or stickers in her paws and was endlessly chewing and licking, something she never does. So, when we got home, Michael held her and I clipped all the hair from between her pads and removed as many of those stickers as I could find, poor girl, she was not a happy camper, she hates to have her feet handled!

We think we are leaving this area tomorrow, heading on to Arizona.


  1. We hiked that same Dog Canyon trail at Oliver Lee when we were there but didn't get as far as the cabin either. We also had trembling legs by the time we got back & with 3 dogs we sure know about those prickers....:((

  2. Forgot to mention....City of Rocks State Park just south of Silver City is a really neat place to see in case you are near there. We were there in early December I think & I got a lot of nice photos after a rain. It was in Silver City that we bought our Verizon card & it worked at City of Rocks but it was a stretch. At Oliver Lee you were probably too close in to the mountain.


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