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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Hiking, Property and RV Searching

Two great hikes and lots of photos--this park is an awesome place. Very quiet, we have heard coyotes every evening, sure makes the Jazzy dog nervous!

This is a popular park and this is the weekend--we ran into lots of mountain bikers on the trails this morning and we shared the trail easily, one group even informed us that hikers had the right of way--but we figured we would rather yield the right of way than have a flat Schnauzer!

One evil looking cactus--these cactus all look like they are about to blossom.
McDowell Mountain view

We think this is either a Golden Hedgehog or Robust Hedgehog Cactus
OK, the RV search--friends were searching for an RV to park on property they own in Seattle for the summer. These friends, Ellen & Denny were seeking advice about RV brands and we suggested to them that our 5th wheel might be for sale--they bought it--now we are homeless but not until June 15 when we will deliver this rig to Seattle for them.
So, we have been looking--we may try a motorhome this time and we don't want an expensive RV as we are also looking for property here in Arizona, too. We made the mistake of going to RV dealers today-UGH!! Why do they all think their RV's are worth twice as much as NADA book value??? So, it is back to Craigs List and we may wait until we get home to Montana to continue our search.
We have tried Texas twice now and have reached the decision that we like the desert climate of Arizona better. Michael is one of those kind of people that needs a project, RV living is starting to wear for him. We are looking for a house, preferably a fixer upper (a Michael project) on some small acreage. And as we all know, this is a good time to buy real estate in Arizona.
Nothing is written in stone and our plans are jello.

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