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Thursday, March 26, 2009

We Move to Phoenix

High winds were in the forecast so we did another one of our get ready quick moves and we were on the freeway headed to Phoenix before 8am. We stopped in Gila Bend to look at an Airstream motorhome--it was really cool but just a little too old. More on our search for a different RV later.

In the Phoenix area are two great county parks, Cave Creek Regional Park and McDowell Mountain Regional Park. Both parks have mountain views, hiking and large sites. In winter it is almost impossible to get into either of these parks. On our way to Phoenix, I called to check the status of available sites at Cave Creek--they had five RV's in overflow. When I called McDowell Mountain, they had ten available sites so that was our choice. It is such a beautiful, beautiful place. But--the wind has about blown us off this hillside site we chose.

This is the view from our RV site out across the valley to the mountains.
Our neighbor's flag flying this afternoon about sunset.
A reader left a comment yesterday asking how in the world I ever chose a dentist in Mexico. I read recommendations from people who had used this dentist in Algodones for the last three years. These people had dental work which included crowns and were having no problems. I had approximately $2800 worth of dental work done for less than $600. This isn't the first time I have had dental work in Mexico, a couple years ago I had work done in Nogales, Mexico and I feel the dentist in Algodones performed superior work so I'll be going back there if needed.
Sheesh, it's windy tonight!!

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