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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Such a Busy Social Life

We decided to run up to Cave Creek, a community about 10 miles from here where a friend of Steve's is staying. We visited with Jack for a while then had lunch at a local famous restaurant called the Horny Toad--supposedly called this name due to an old prospector with bunions who looked at his feet one night after wearing tight boots all day and said, "I sure am getting horny toed." ??? Cave Creek has lots of cute little shops and restaurants and Jeane and I decided to try and get back there to shop sometime this week.

After dropping Jeane and Steve at their house Mike & I decided to check out the local Costco for dessert options for our gathering at Gwen and Arch's home tonight.

We joined Gwen and Arch and their guests from Montana, Char and Alice for dinner. Sandy and Roy also joined us, Roy is Gwen's associate in the real estate business in Montana. It was a great evening of good food and conversation.

The front of Jeane and Steve's house they are renting. The lemon and orange trees are producing and blooming, creating the most wonderful aroma--Jeane and I have been trying to find a way to bottle the smell!

This social life is exhausting but so much fun.

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