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Monday, March 16, 2009

Taxes and Card Making

Treading lightly was the order of the day. Michael did the preliminary work on our taxes while we were still in Montana. Today he decided to finish getting everything together to send to our accountant. When he gets all that paperwork out, I tread lightly, don't ask questions and try to be as quiet as possible. Success--by 5pm, he has all the information ready to send to Montana tomorrow--YEA, Jazz and I survived!

I got out the Cricut machine and made some birthday cards--I really love that machine in spite of the fact I thought I probably wouldn't use it enough to justify its cost, but I seem to be using it a lot.

On our walk this morning, we took one of the many four wheeler trails out across the desert. We came across several guys playing golf, a strange kind of golf, but golf all the same. We also saw a tortoise hiding in a small rock cave--wonder where he gets his water--do tortoises drink a lot of water??

It was a good, productive day!

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