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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Greasewood Flats

I should have taken the camera. Gwen suggested that we go to Greasewood Flats for dinner tonight--OK, how many of you would want to go to a place called Greasewood Flats??? When we got out to the restaurant (remember we are in Scottsdale, as Michael would say, a high rent district) the driveway is dirt and the parking lot is packed with all kinds of vehicles including lots of motorcycles. It is an outdoor restaurant, picnic tables, barrels with wood fires in them that people are standing around to stay warm and the place is packed. The young man that let us in the gate tells us that the long line is the line for food, we are to place our order and then our number will be called. There are different places around the perimeter to buy drinks. Gwen's associate, Roy and his wife Sandy who have a condo here in Scottsdale are all ready in the food line and take our order, too. It didn't seem to take that long to get the food, we all enjoying standing near one of the fire barrels and talking. The burgers were great and we found a spot to sit. All in all it was a great experience, wish I had taken the camera!!

Early this morning one of the horses Gwen and Arch own was shown in the reining horse competition--he and his rider Patrick did very well.

Michael and I walked Jazzy and had some lunch then drove over to the house friends Jeane and Steve had rented--what a beautiful home--tile floors, pool, beautiful landscaping and a lemon tree with lots of fruit. We spent the afternoon enjoying the warm Arizona sun on the patio.

Life is good!

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