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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A Very Warm Day

I never looked at the thermometer to see what the actual temperature was but all I know, it was hot. I think this part of the country would be great in January but it is starting to be too warm here in March.

I did laundry early this morning, the park has three laundromats so it was easy to get it all done at once. Michael took the Jazzy dog for a walk--she isn't too thrilled about walking in this heat.

After lunch I went up to the pool--this park did not have a pool but had one installed last year. The water was just perfect and I met the sweetest little boy, his name was Luca and he is bilingual--his Mom is a firefighter in Boston and they are visiting the grandparents who live in this park. Luca's grandparents immigrated to this country many years ago and the Mom was born here and speaks with no accent but said her father always insisted his children learn English and Spanish and she is carrying on that tradition with her 3 1/2 year old son. Luca has a 24 year old French nanny so he can speak some French, also.

We spent the afternoon sitting outside in the shade where it was much cooler than inside the rig, reading and napping. After dinner which we ate while sitting outside, I gave Michael a haircut, he was getting sort of shaggy!

Off to Mexico tomorrow.

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