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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Roosevelt Lake

Michael has been having trouble sleeping much past 5am so he was up early again this morning. Jazz and I rolled out just after 6am and went for our early morning stroll--I love being out that time of day, no one else is around, the birds are waking up and sometimes the coyotes are singing.

After breakfast we started out for a long walk again but Jazz balked--I think we may have worn her out the first day we walked so far on Friday. I turned around after about 30 minutes and she and I headed back to the RV. Michael kept going and probably logged 5-6 miles.

Roosevelt Lake was on our agenda today. It is located about 75 miles from here--we packed a lunch and took off about 11am. It was cooler today with some clouds. Roosevelt Lake was dedicated on March 18, 1911 by President Theodore Roosevelt. Modifications to the dam completed in 1996 increased its capacity to store flood waters. The lake is at 100% capacity at this time, a first since it was built. The lake supplies water to Phoenix and surrounding communities as well as irrigation water. It is a beautiful, remote area with lots of US Forest Service campgrounds. There is a dump station and places to obtain water. In the community of Punkin Center located about halfway the length of the lake is a very nice grocery store--better than what we have in Big Timber, MT for sure!

Roosevelt Lake bridge
A sticky place to built a nest to have your baby birds! We saw lots of these nests on our hikes, built in the cactus.This tree appeared to be growing out of these rocks

There goes that fountain again. This park is located outside the town of Fountain Hills. In the center of town is a beautiful lake and park with this fountain in the middle of the lake. Every hour on the hour, this fountain explodes upward probably over 100 feet. It flows for 15 minutes before shutting off. Remember on St. Patrick's Day they had dyed the water green and the fountain was green. This park is FIVE miles from that fountain and I took this picture while standing in the park this morning early.

It was a great day.

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