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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Not Much Going On

I walked down to the clubhouse today and checked out the ladies sewing and quilting, very friendly group! I also paid a visit to the library and borrowed several books, there was a great selection.

After I made some lunch, we decided to go up to Parker, AZ and pick up a few groceries--about a 35 mile trip one way. We discovered that Parker, AZ was not a spot we would pick to spend any length of time!

Isn't the mess with AIG just ridiculous??? Every time someone on the news starts discussing the matter, I just get furious--we have given those people billions of taxpayer money and they are laughing in our faces. As I told our Montana congressional delegation in e-mails, I predict that a year from now, we all will never know what happened to all that money we gave these banks and corporations.

It was very hot here today, almost 90 but as they say in AZ, it is a dry heat.

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