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Friday, March 6, 2009

March Came In Like A Lion

March is living up to its name here in the Tombstone area, extremely windy today, at times we thought it would blow us from our perch on top of this hill.

We spent most of the day looking at land on the Dragoon Mountain Ranch. We met Jacqueline, a realtor and she drove us around to all the parcels for sale. We then parted company with her and went back to hike over the 2-3 parcels we thought we might like. After all that and looking at ten to twelve 40 acre parcels, we narrowed it down to one. It had awesome views of the Dragoon Mountains and was not totally flat. We also intend to scout around in the Phoenix and Tucson area for property.

Tonight we went to Jim and Linda's RV for a chili dinner. Linda makes great chili and cornbread--she is one of those cooks that likes to "dish up" your plate for you--she never thinks you are eating enough so she loads it on, I have finally gotten her trained to let me decide my portions but Michael just lets her dish up for him. Needless to say, we never leave hungry from Linda's! We also finished off the last of that great margarita pie from last night. We said our goodbyes to them tonight, we are heading to the Phoenix area tomorrow--we may be back down here, we will see.

As I write this the wind has died down just a little, we aren't rocking and rolling as bad as this afternoon.

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