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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Moving Day

It was moving day and we were leaving the horses behind. I took Jazzy for an early walk and we started getting everything together to pull out. Let's hope the next parking spot doesn't have so many mercury vapor lights making it look like daylight at 3am!

A short drive to Brenda, AZ and we were all set up just after noon. We traveled I10 and just out of the Phoenix suburb of Goodyear the traffic was moving along and all of a sudden we stopped--and I do mean we stopped. The Wal-Mart semi in front of us headed for the ditch and the motorcycle in the left lane almost lost control, fishtailing, Michael headed for the ditch with the semi but both rigs got stopped before we got to the ditch or hit anything. Both of us were very rattled as was the motorcycle rider. About two miles of bumper to bumper stop and go traffic and we saw why we all came to such an abrupt stop--there had been a horrible accident involving three or four vehicles.

Brenda, AZ is out in the middle of nowhere. There are several RV parks along the highway, a small grocery store and lots of desert. We chose the park due to all the desert trails out the back gate. It is a large park, has a new swimming pool and lots of activities. There are many park models but the folks we met have been very welcoming.

My dentist appointment in Algodones, Mexico is Thursday. We decided against staying in Yuma--most of the RV parks there are between the freeway and the railroad, thus we are out in the desert in the middle of nowhere and we like it! It will take us about 2 hours to get down south of Yuma to the dentist, kind of like driving to Billings from our house in Montana.

Jazzy and I took a walk after our steak dinner and snapped this photo of the sunset, notice the jet trail in the upper edge of the photo.

A beautiful evening here in the Arizona desert.

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