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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

One More Trip to Mexico

When I ate breakfast this morning, it felt as if one of the crowns was still too high. I made the decision to head back to Algodones and get the problem resolved before we leave here on Thursday. I convinced poor Michael that I could go by myself so he wouldn't have to stand in that awful line again and he finally agreed. I left here a little after 9am and I was back before 11am!!! Michael couldn't believe it!! The dentist was quick and there was only a very short line to cross back into the US.

Before I left for Mexico, I did the laundry and Michael walked the dog. When I got back, we had lunch and I did some cleaning. We then rested our eyeballs for a while and decided to go in search of a produce stand and to fill the truck with diesel. It was very warm today so ice cream was also on our agenda. We failed to find an open produce stand but got all the other things on the list accomplished. Dinner out seemed like a good option, too, so we stopped at Famous Dave's and had a great early dinner.

Lemon trees near our park
The trees are loaded with lemons.
We have enjoyed our time here in Yuma but are glad to be heading out in the morning. I've received a message that says Google is to have a scheduled outage tomorrow at 4pm--could be there won't be any blogging tomorrow night.

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